About Us

Our Mission

The purpose of Theta Tau is to develop and maintain a high standard of professional interest among its members, and to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal fellowship.

Theta Tau is the oldest, largest, and foremost Fraternity for Engineers. Since its founding at the University of Minnesota in 1904, over 30,000 have been initiated over the years. With emphasis on quality and a strong fraternal bond, the Fraternity has chapters only at ABET accredited schools, and limits to seventy the number of student members in any one of its chapters across the nation.

Theta Tau follows carefully a program in the selection and development of its members that stresses the importance of high professional ethics and exemplary practices. Within each chapter, the Fraternity stimulates professional activity and social compatibility; provides a framework for group participation in campus, community, engineering, and fraternity affairs; and promotes lasting friendships and a lifetime of brotherhood in an engineering environment.

The Fraternity presents awards for outstanding personal and chapter achievements. Through visitation from national officers and other alumni, the stability of each chapter can be maintained. Guidance and publications are provided by the Central Office to help manage the chapter in a professional manner. Financial assistance is available through loans for chapter housing and loans for senior students. Through national conferences and conventions, there is an annual opportunity to associate with fraternity brothers (students and alumni) from chapters across the nation. Taken from: www.thetatau.org

Local History

The book of Mu Delta Chapter of Theta Tau at the University of California, Merced begins early September 2009 with four engineering students: Evelyn Hoyo, Joshua Atlas, Federico Viscarra, and Andrena Rodriguez. These four realized that although engineering organizations were established in the university, an engineering fraternity was desired to bridge the gap between Greek Life and engineering students. Preparations to start a chapter began by contacting the Executive Director, Michael Abraham. As a result, they registered as an interest group on October 2009. They then started recruiting more interested members; and by May 2nd, 2010, this interest group of 10 members was granted the title "University of California, Merced Colony of Theta Tau."

The ball kept rolling after being officially recognized as a colony. The members actively worked hard towards their charter, and they learned much about themselves and gained lots of recognition throughout all of Theta Tau as well as UC Merced. Because of that, the group of 10 members quickly grew to 46. All 46 members were then named Brothers and Founding Members of the Mu Delta Chapter of Theta Tau on April 29th, 2012.

Since becoming a chapter, the Mu Delta chapter focuses on working to serve the needs of the UC Merced students, School of Engineering, and the Merced community, while fulfilling the the three pillars of Theta Tau which are Service, Profession, and Brotherhood. We continue to participate in local community clean ups, zoo volunteering, and Habitat for Humanity. We host a variety of professional development workshops as well as host our annual Theta Tau Engineering Competition for local middle and high school students.