Theta Tau Engineering Competition

About the Competition

TTEC is an event where students, in teams of two, compete in three differnt engineering challanges where students will be judged by design, repeatability, and effciency. These challenges will engage the students to analyze, evaluate, and become more familiar with engineering principles. Engineering majors and in-the-field Engineers will be guilding the students to use the "Design Process" and help them understand the life of an Engineer.

History & Purpose

TTEC's (Theta Tau Engineering Competition) first competition started in 2011 with the goal to reach out, inform, and share our passion with young students to help them explore differnt career paths, promote a higher education, and aid in the development of their problem solving and critical thinking skills.


Ebelin Hernandez
Theta Tau Engineering Competition Chair
Mu Delta Chapter of ΘΤ

Made by Jing Liang (Nu Class)