S'17 Capstone Team 15

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Vibronerv team (Capstone team 15), consisting of Brothers Phoebe Guan and Forrest Yeh, along with UC Merced undergraduate students Reef Aldayafleh, Jasmine Nguyen, and Kevin Martinez, is attempting to develop a device that detects peripheral neuropathy. 70% of diabetic patients develop signs of neuropathy, which is a loss of sensation due to nerve damage and can develop foot ulcerations or require amputations. To detect neuropathy, the medical field typically relies on the archaic tuning fork test, which involves hitting a 128Hz tuning fork against a surface and then making contact with the patient’s skin to subjectively determine if they have vibration sensation. This tuning fork test provides no way to quantify the amount of vibration a patient can feel, or determine if there are any variations with frequencies other than 128 Hz. Vibronerv aims to solve both of these issues in a simple, easy to use Bluetooth device/ application for a mobile phone or computer so that clinicians can conduct research to determine if treatment drugs are working and physicians/consumers can monitor the condition of high-risk individuals. The device design incorporates suggestions from UC Merced faculty and physicians including the team sponsor, Dr. Mark Stecker, a neurologist at UCSF Fresno. Because the detection of neuropathy in diabetic patients also correlates to increased mortality, Vibronerv’s device won’t just save money and limbs, it can save lives. 

Pictured Left to Right: Kevin Martinez, Reef Aldayafleh, Phoebe Guan, Jasmine Nguyen, Forrest Yeh.

Made by Jing Liang (Nu Class)